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Message from The Executive Director


Thank you for visiting our website. I hope you find our programs enriching and fulfilling, I am very passionate about empowering young women and girls. I am honoured to be a founder and lifetime member of the Dream sisterhood foundation.  My staff, the wonderful girls, their families, the women mentors, and volunteers are family to me. I’m touched by the little things they do, by their positive attitudes, persistence and grace that are expressed during meetings, events and programs.
Dream sisterhood is here to make an impact! We are all genuinely passionate about creating social change in underserved neighbourhoods. We want to make an impact on the lives of the young women who come from impoverished backgrounds in our Kenyan communities and our initiative is to solve some of the most pressing problems here.
It is crucial for young women to develop a good self image. The dream sisterhood initiative gives women the attention, support and resources they need to become successful, by imparting to them the skills and knowledge these young women and girls require to succeed in life. I am passionate about inspiring the mentors and girls to excel in life, to develop healthy behaviours, to encourage self-actualisation and personal growth in the lives of these upcoming leaders of tomorrow.
We have a vision for Dream Sisterhood to continue to grow, and as the chairperson, I will draw upon my knowledge, skills, talents and faith in God to help the Dream Sisterhood Foundation reach its full potential.”


Venessa Monyangi(Mrs.)

Executive Director

Dream Sisterhood Foundation


Executive Director - Venessa Monyangi

Venessa Monyangi

 Ven is the Founder and chairperson of the Dream sisterhood Foundation.

Having come from a humble background, she has assisted young women and girls by means of counselling and guidance since the year 2004.  Ven’s mission is to guide and nurture young women through an intensive mentoring programme and accomplish something of excellence in changed lives!







Managing Director  - Omenta Edwin Kebaso.

 Omenta Edwin Kebaso

The dream sisterhood foundation is a life changing calling and I am a better man when I realize I am part of it. What moves me most is the fact that sharing my past experiences can shape the world of another individual. My desire in the mentor program is to see and witness as many young girls as possible transform into successful women leaders in our society.








Secretary General - Lameck Onkundi



Lameck is in charge of all administrative duties of the organization, a banker by profession. "My dream is to see the girl child prosper and live her dream"








  Mentor - Eunice Mogambi


Eunice Mogambi is a professional Teacher with teaching experience of over 10 years. She is currently a deputy principal of Karura forest primary school and in-charge of the   Imarisha Dada project. She is so determined to change the girls lives in the slum and ensure they become women  of substance.she is in-charge of all issues related to adolescent and guiding and counseling of the girls. She is also a mentor and takes the girl through guidance and counseling.







Assistant Secretary - Purity Moraa

Purity Moraa is the Assistant secretary to the foundation she is a student at U.O.N  studying B-COM
She assists administrative duties in absence of the gen sec.








Director Mentorship - Kaimuri Karauki Njeru (Kuka)



She is a passionate and enthusiastic about matters that touch on children and the youth. She has worked with children  and youth at different church congregations and church based organizations for more than 10 years.


Kuka holds a masters degree in counseling and a degree in Journalism skills that have equipped her to take the role of The Mentor-ship/Training Manager she will work closely with the Chair lady to encourage and empower the girls and the communities that we will be privileged to work with.







Director Programs - Emily

Emily is the Program manager and she is in charge of coordinating and facilitating all projects for the Foundation. She holds a Diploma in water Resources Management. She interacts very well with the young children and youths and is very dedicated to ensure all projects are running smoothly. She works hand in hand with the Mentorship/Training Manager.