What we do



The organization's compass is to mentor per-college female students, particularly from the ages of 18-22 living in slum areas. We plan to enable them to make wiser decisions and cope with the challenges they face in their youth. We hope to achieve this by guiding them through a life skills program. We plan to partner with any individual or organization with similar objectives to meet our goals. We see girls as the most vulnerable in most Kenyan societies, and we hope to transform lives one at a time, by equipping them with life skills and turning them into role models for other young women.


In Kenyan society there is a considerable gap between secondary school and university. A lot of girls face an uncertain future form this point, and may not be equipped with sufficient facts and life skills after the relative safety of a high-school environment. There is often a confusing transition from high-school to work and life which can be accompanied by mistakes that could have been avoided. Through mentoring programs we hope to foster healthy self esteem and confidence in young woman to enable them to develop skills and be able to face all the challenges that present themselves in life.

Main Activities

  • Mentoring sessions on topics mentioned above
  • Organizing events to enhance team building and sisterhood.
  • Fundraising to support the neediest in the community around Mathare slums, Nairobi, Kenya.
  • Imparting hands-on life skills.