Impacting Lives of Girl’s Together

Through a number of different programs, Dream Sisterhood strives to improve the lives of women and girls in their communities and throughout their sphere of influence. Together, The Dream Sisterhood Foundation uses their time, talents and financial resources to enrich their communities and improve the lives of women and girls. A mentoring program for girls is the way we achieve this goal.


A mentor is an irreplaceable part of the mentees' life, providing professional insight, academic advice, as girl’s transition into adulthood. We’re seeking groups of kind and caring adults from organizations, associations, and businesses interested in serving our city’s girls. Please contact us if you think you can help in any way?


The dream sisterhood foundation mentors change lives! Consider becoming one today. When you volunteer as a mentor, you not only help others, but you do something amazing for yourself!


As a mentor you are first and foremost a leader and role model in the dream sisterhood foundation.


Responsibilities to mentors:

  • Accept all girls for who they are and encourage their goals
  • Allow them to openly express their thoughts and feelings without judgement
  • Ensure a safe environment
  • Help them to evaluate alternatives and make their own decisions
  • Show sincerity and commitment
  • Show them that friendship is unconditional
  • Help women and girls feel like they are part of the organization
  • Speak with your Coordinators if you have any questions or concerns
  • Connect with other volunteer mentors and share positive experiences and suggestions
  • Meet with your mentee regularly, and at least once a month.


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