At Dream Sisterhood Foundation we value the effects of Education.
Visiting the girls home.
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Drainage & litter management still needs to be addressed.
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The Dream Sisterhood Foundation is a community based organization registered under the Kenyan ministry of Gender, Children and Social Development. It was founded in January, 2014, and registered on August 27 of the same year. The organization’s main aim is to foster change in the world of young Kenyan women through effective mentoring.


Mentoring works by giving a young woman from an underprivileged background the chance to spend time with a caring and supportive woman who is genuinely interested in her success. A girl may not have had this type of relationship with anyone else in her life. Sociologists have noted that the presence of a positive influence in a child’s environment is even more crucial than the genetic influence in determining whether a child will struggle in life or thrive.


Regardless of the immediate problems confronting girls, a knowledgeable and compassionate support system is needed. Mentoring is consistently cited as a constructive program for assisting young people in growing up to become successful and happy adults.



To nurture and educate young women, from underprivileged backgrounds, through mentoring programs, to become female leaders of substance



To transform the Kenyan social fabric through mentoring individual underprivileged women



  • To equip girls with financial management skills
  • To guide girls in career choices
  • To educate women in the area of sex and relationships, including knowledge of HIV/AIDS
  • To improve girls grooming and deportment
  • Increase girls’ sense of self esteem
  • To improve girls’ awareness and desire for self education
  • Help girls develop and define their short and long-term goals
  • Providing support and encouragement for girls to improve their position in life
  • Helping girls become self-sufficient, motivated adults
  • Spiritual mentorship and counselling